Karate-Do Kumite-Keiko (Sparring Practice)

Ippon Kumite

Ippon means just once. Ippon Kumite means to attack once in sparring

In Kumite, the attacker is called Uke and the defender is called Tori

The distance between Uke and Tori is called Ma-Ai

Ma-Ai judgement is a very important aspect for Kumite practice at all times

Ippon Kumite is the basic exercise of sparring and all techniques from Kata’s movements

There are so many body movements that are called Tai Sabaki

Tai Sabaki is the main practice subject of Karate-Do

Tai Sabaki is created with Jujitsu movements

The original Karate-Do combined both the Martial Arts from Okinawan Karate and Japanese Jujitsu

Uke and Tori should know the impact area and timing called Mikiri

Uke should attack from a proper distance untill Mikiri with a correct basic technique

Tori should find their own Mikiri with correct Ma-Ai

There is a special movement which when taking a defence must follow an attack that is called Go No Gen – which means late attacking method. Also there are two more Sen, one is called Sen Sen No Sen – meaning early attacking method, the other is called Sen No Sen which means attacking and defending at the same time.

Ippon Kumite can learn learn two of these exercises – Go No Sen and Sen No Sen


Ipponme – Jodan Uke and Nihonme – Gedan Barai

Both these Kumite must practiced with Jun Zuki Dachi with correct Kihon Kata

Jodan Uke with Uraken Uchi and Geden Barai with Jodan Zuki should strike after a block without a pause

In Go No Sen this must always be done

Sanbon Me and Yonhon Me are also good practice for Go No Sen in Pinan Nidan

Sanbon Me starts to practice the stance with Neko Ashi Dachi – meaning Cat Leg Stance

And Yonhon Me starts to practice the stance with Shiko Ashi Dachi – meaning Strong Stance

Gohon Me starts to practice Chudan Tate-Ken Tsuki attack and Jodan Gaiwan Uke Nagashi defence at the same time

Roppon Me starts to practice with Shuto Uke on Neko Ashi Dachi, then Jodan Shuto Uchi, Shuto means open hand

and Ken means fist or closed hand.

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