Karate-Do Licence & Grading Information

Karate-Do Licence

The Licence is necessary for attendance at all events of Karate-Do, such as training, grading, courses and competitions.

All Karate-Do Kenshu-Kai International members must obtain a licence within four weeks of starting to train.


Rules Governing a Karate-Do Licence

1 Individual membership is granted subject to the condition laid
down in the constitution and by-laws of the Karate-Do Wado
Kenshu-Kai International. (KWKI)

2 Individual membership is renewable from the 1st of January
regardless of the original application date. Renewal forms
are available from your instructor.

3 Only current individual members will be permitted to grade or

4 Your individual membership is non transferable.

5 If the conduct of any individual member shall in the opinion of
the chief instructor be injurious to the character and to the
interests of the KWKI he/she shall be empowered to
withdraw the membership of such an individual member.

6 The license remains the property of Karate-Do Kenshu-Kai
International and may be withdraw at any time. It should not
be tampered with or loss or destruction should be
immediately reported to the KWKI.

General Information on Grading

Grading is important for progression in Karate-Do. As students progress through grading they are awarded either a Kyu or Dan grade.

The grading syllabus can be found in the Licence.

Students must train diligently and regularly to qualify for grading. See the schedule below for the minimum training required for a student to go forward for grading.

Below is a general guide to the Club Grading Schedule, however if you want a more detailed description of a particular grading schedule.

General Grading Schedule

8th Kyu (Yellow), 7th Kyu (Orange) and 6th Kyu (Green) A student must train two days a week, for at least 12 weeks or more and must obtain one grading point.

5th Kyu (Blue), 4th Kyu (Purple) and 3rd Kyu (Brown) A student must train two days a week, for at least 16 weeks or more and must obtain three grading points.

2nd Kyu (Brown) and 1st Kyu (Brown) A student must train two days a week, for at least twenty four weeks or more and must obtain six grading points.

1st Dan (Black) A student must train two days a week, for at least one year or more and must obtain ten grading points.

Grading Points

Grading points are obtained by attending Weekend courses (1 point),

Summer courses (2 points per day)

or by entering competitions (1 point).

Karate-Do Wado Kenshu-Kai International – Dan Syllabus

Dan Grading syllabus 2011 – 2013

Kihon Waza – same as 2nd Kyu
Renzoku Waza – same as 2nd Kyu

Kumite Waza
All Nihon Kumite
Ohyo Kumite No 1 & No 3
Kumite Kata No 1 & No 2
Kihon Kumite
1st Dan No1 & No 4
2nd Dan No 1, No 4 & No 5
3rd Dan No1, No2, No 3 & No 5
4th Dan No1 to No 5 & No 9
5th Dan & upwards, All Kihon Kumite

1st Dan Nai hanchi and Bassai
2nd Dan Sei shan and Bassai
3rd Dan Sei shan, Chinto and Rohai
4th Dan Sei shan, Chinto, Rohai and Nyu sei shi
5th Dan & upward, Sei shan, Chinto, Bassai, Rohai & Jion

Tanto Tori – Knife defence
Sanbonme – Deai & Gohonme Kiri kaeshi

Jiyu Kumite

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