Dojo Etiquette

Entering The Dojo

For reasons of hygiene remove your footwear completely on entering the Dojo.

Bow (Rei) on entering and leaving the Dojo. To those who practice karate,
the Dojo is a sacred place. We also bow on entering Dojo to affirm our
intention to train hard and seriously, and we bow on leaving to show
gratitude for the training session received.

Always wear a clean Karate-Gi (Suit)

Dojo Etiquette

The Dojo is a sacred place and you must practice respect for the Martial Art.

It is every student’s duty to make sure the Dojo is clean and tidy.

Fingernails and toenails must be kept short and clean.

No smoking, eating, chewing gum or drinking is allowed in the Dojo.

When listening or resting, always sit cross legged or in the kneeling position (Sei-Za), around the Dojo,

never with you back against a wall or in a slovenly manner.

Greet fellow students quietly.

You must address your instructor as ‘Sensei’

To acknowledge conversation and/or instruction from your instructor (Sensei or Shihan)

always answer “Hai” meaning ‘Yes’ or ‘I have understood’.

During training if the Student has to leave the session (feeling ill, etc.), always seek the instructor’s permission.

When you secure your Obi (belt) with a knot, this symbolises that you are willing to train with your heart, mind and body.

If you have to adjust your Gi whilst training, step to the side of your training line, kneel down on one knee, make the necessary adjustment, then return to your position in the line when it is safe to do so.

If the conduct of any individual student shall in the opinion of the Chief Instructor, be injurious to the character or to the interests of the Dublin Wado Kenshu-Kai Karate & Jujitsu Club he/she shall be empowered to withdraw the membership of such an student.


Basic Phrases Used in Dojo

Naore – Musubi Dachi: Instruction to take Attention stance
Yohi: Means ready and take Natural stance
Yamei: Means stop and back to Natural stance
Seiza: Instruction to kneel and keep back straight
Shome ni Rei: Bow to the front (God protect you)
Sensei ni Rei: Bow to Instructor (Respect to Sensei)
Chorus as below with everyone at Sense! ni Rei
Onegai Shimasu: (May I Practice) at start
Arigato Gozai Mashita: (Thank you for practice) at end
Otagai ni Rei: Bow to all assemble (Respect to each other)
Kiritsu: Stand up, take Musubi dachi

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